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The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park (FIRM)

Come fly your plane into The Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park (The FIRM) at Keystone Heights Airport. The FIRM provides drivers, and spectators, the most unique and diverse motorsport facility in North America and Drivers Club Members can enjoy exclusive benefits for Open Track Day Events! The motorsport park includes a 420 acre off-road playground, rally stages, and a dynamic 1.6-mile race track; with esses, and hairpin turns to challenge even the most experienced drivers. The combined tracks and trails create unlimited configurations totaling over 20 miles of driving bliss! The FIRM rents their tracks to race teams, hosts open track days, teaches rally off-road, ATV/UTV and HPDE driving, and provides the perfect venue for corporate events! Executives bring teams here to take Seal training tactics back into the board room to crush the competition.

The FIRM is home to RallyPro Performance Driving School and the International Security Academy (ISA). ISA provides tactical training, advanced Force-on-Force driving, and a 360 live-fire range with roll-over simulator. ISA, relies upon the RallyPro Performance Driving School to teach units how to safely extract assets, at high-speeds and across varying terrain. All RallyPro instructors are most diverse technical drivers in the world; uniquely experienced in vehicle dynamics, for high-speed, and high-risk driver training. The FIRM provides mission critical scenarios across surface changes at high-speeds. The weight transfer that occurs from surface transitions when going off-road, then back onto the tarmac, is the number one cause of fatalities for untrained drivers. RallyPro instructors teach advanced vehicle management skills that protect assets and saves lives.

Keystone Heights

7266 Airport Road, Starke, FL 32091