Lola’s Filipino Cafe & Mini-Store

Lola’s Filipino Café & Mini-Store, LLC was established in October 2020. It’s basically a mom-and-pop café that offers take-out/dine-in, catering and a small store where you can purchase many popular Asian foodstuffs.

Here’s the story behind our business. While our oldest daughter was completing her Army training, we cared for our granddaughter. As family tradition has it, our granddaughter called her grandma “Lola”. She really loved Lola’s cooking and one day said to her, “Lola, your cooking is so good, you need to open your own restaurant!” So, 20 years later, with her passion for cooking and dreams of owning her own restaurant, it finally became true. About 3½ years before opening Lola’s Café, Lola was honing her skills as Sous-Chef at Canterfield Assisted Living and Head Cook at Palagio Assisted Living.

Lola’s Filipino Café & Mini-Store offers authentic Filipino cuisine, including the most popular foods like Pancit, Adobo, BBQ-on-a-Stick and Lumpia! Our full menu consists of over 30 different dishes & desserts and our two steam tables offer 10-12 of them daily, cafeteria style.

Please call (904-375-0208) or visit us (1241 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park) to find out what Lola has prepared for the day!

Lola’s Filipino Cafe & Mini-Store

1241 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, FL 32065