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O’ Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

When dining out in today’s busy world, folks don’t just crave their favorite foods. They want to spend more time with the people that matter most. That’s why, at O’Charley’s, a meal is more than what we put on our plates. It’s what you share around our table.


The conversations, the stories retold, the laughter of an inside joke, the raised glasses to a heartfelt toast, and sometimes, a simple, comfortable silence. It’s about celebrating birthdays or making it through a hard day. It’s time spent with family and friends over moments both big and small. So we serve your meal with Southern Hospitality in a setting that feels like home. Helping you connect with others, sharing everyday and special occasions. We realize you hunger for something more; something meaningful. Something you’ll find around our table, because at O’Charley’s, a meal is best shared with family and friends.

Orange Park

1609 County Rd 220, Orange Park, FL 32003