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Valiant Outfitters

One day a few years ago, a little girl, our founder’s first grandkid, was born. Her name is Lucy. It’s not short for Lucille or anything, it’s just Lucy. But she is named after someone, Lucy Pevensie from C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia.” In the fantastical world of Narnia, Lucy is known as Queen Lucy the Valiant. That’s where the “Valiant” part of our name comes from because both Lucys show that a valiant life is a life worth living.


The Outfitters part? That’s the why part of who we are. Our passion is to help individuals, families, and groups better navigate everyday life by embracing nature and the wilderness.


Using traditional bushcraft, survival, and backpacking skills we outfit people just like you, your family, and friends for outdoor, and every day, adventures. Please join us for a beginning backpacking trip, survival course, or guided adventure. We promise that the fun, adventure, and satisfaction of learning new and challenging skills will equip you for your best life.


And we’ll celebrate life’s daring adventures with you.