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Valiant Outfitters

Valiant Outfitters

One day a few years ago, a little girl, our founder’s first grandkid, was born. Her name is Lucy. It’s not short for Lucille or anything, it’s just Lucy. But

Black Creek Ravines Conservation Area

Black Creek Ravines Water View

Visitors will see a remarkable number of different Florida landscapes here, with elevations ranging from five feet above mean sea level at points along Black Creek to 90 feet above

St. Johns River Trail – Leg 17, 18 and 19

Kayak on the Water

This last Segment consists of legs 17 through 21 of the Lower Basin of the 310 mile long north flowing river. It is the longest flowing river in Florida.  Water

Peters Creek Kayak Paddle

Kayak on the Water

Peters Creek provides a habitat for many water birds. The aquatic vegetation provides foraging areas for the St. Johns River manatee population as well as an ideal habitat for many

Doctors Lake Kayak Paddle

Kayak on the Water

The lake is an elongated estuary about five miles long and one mile wide. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the water of Doctors Lake is brackish. Most

Black Creek Day Paddles for Kayaks

Kayak on the Water

The creek is named for the water coloration, caused by the presence of tannin from decaying leaves and vegetation. It is considered to be one of the cleanest creeks in