Make Your Own Arts & Crafts Adventures in Clay County, Florida

Hands-on creations make for great travel memories. In Clay County, there are plenty of options for all types of makers and creators. From making your own pottery creation to painting a masterpiece of Spring Park and even taking sewing classes, the entire family can take advantage of being creative and learning a new skill during their time in Northeast Florida. 

In our small towns, you’ll discover residents with big passions for the arts. Take a look at the hands-on experiences you can have in Clay County and get ready for new adventures of your own with some of the area’s top artists and creators. 

Atlantic Pottery Supply

Whether you are a novice or a pottery pro, the knowledgeable group of professionals at Atlantic Pottery Supply in Orange Park offers classes and open studio time for creators to explore their passions. Choose from wheel throwing classes, hand-building classes, and private lessons to explore your creative side. 

With a variety of classes for all skill levels, one-day classes are also available for learning a new skill. These interactive classes will have you creating a new masterpiece in no time. 

For those more advanced in pottery, the store also carries glazes and dry materials for clay making. A community kiln is available for those needing to fire new pieces. Get ready to get messy and explore a new passion for ceramics. 

The Art Room

Arts & Crafts Adventures in Clay County
The Art Room- Green Cove Springs- Photography by Renae Devine

In Green Cove Springs, The Art Room on Walnut Street welcomes artists of all skill levels to create, design, and explore new mediums of art with hands-on, group classes. 

Choose from weekly classes or one-day events like the popular Splatterday, where artists can create their own masterpieces using splatter art and paints. Other one-day classes include painting pottery, painting wood, tie-dye, wreath creating, and more. Eight-week courses range from adult, teen, and kids classes in differing art styles. A weekly sewing class encourages students to be comfortable with sewing machines as well as learn how to sew by hand and how to create embroidery art. 

The Art Room also offers Adult Night Out evening events and Open Studio Saturday where artists can perfect their art skills and art styles. 

Arts Ignited

Let your creativity soar at Arts Ignited at the Oakleaf Town Center. At this neighborhood, pottery painting studio, no appointment is necessary to pick out a ceramic and paint. From ornaments to plates to sculptures and centerpieces, there is always an assortment of items to choose from at the shop. 

Special events at Arts Ignited include kids workshops, adults night out, and a monthly Friday night workshop for adults only. The studio also offers ‘pottery to-go’ packages where artists can select pottery items, paint, and glazes to take home and create their own masterpieces. When finished, drop the items back off at the studio for firing, which typically takes 7 to 10 days. Get creative and have fun too!

Miss Priss Gifts

In Middleburg, stop in at Miss Priss Gifts to create a custom design gift for yourself or a loved one. From hands-on painting and crafting classes, shoppers can also work directly with the staff to create a custom t-shirt, vinyl decals, baseball caps, and more. Bring your own design or use a monogram to make a take-home gift. 

In addition to making hands-on creations, Miss Priss Gifts also offers a variety of home goods, stationaries, men’s and women’s clothing, and jewelry. Stop by and have something custom made or choose from an assortment of items and accessories.

Sweet Hydrangea Boutique & Maker’s Market

New to Lake Asbury for shoppers and makers, Sweet Hydrangea Boutique & Maker’s Market features local artisans’ works including handmade gifts, unique items, seasonal and everyday home decor, soaps, lotions, jewelry, and apparel. The boutique prides itself on being local working with local artists and vendors to showcase their items to shoppers. 

To learn a new skill, the boutique offers a small classroom area where visitors can learn to make wooden crafts and explore their artsy side. Future plans for the boutique include renovating the adjacent space for a larger classroom setting to expand the hands-on classes for children and adults. 

Passions run deep in Clay County. Discover a creative atmosphere filled with friendly hospitality as our residents share their own passions with you – and allow you to choose your own hands-on adventures too.

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