TAPS Military Monument

The TAPS Military Monument is located at the Clay County Historic Triangle and came about due to the hard work and caring efforts of the TAPS Planning Committee. The Clay County chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America conducts an annual memorial event at the site in partnership with county government officials and many community […]

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Clay County's Military Trail

Military Trail

Clay County has a rich military history that dates back to the early 1700s and continues through WWII. During WWII Clay County had more major military bases than any other county in Florida. Most of the history and the locations have long been forgotten. It is the mission of the Military Museum of North Florida

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Pilot Display at the Military Museum of North Florida

Military Museum of North Florida

Facility showcasing priceless mementos and treasures of military history and America’s proud essence of patriotism, it will also embody the spirit of community involvement, recognition of the sacrifices of American servicemen and women, and of the enthusiasm of the American “Can Do” attitude in support of the North Florida community. Follow on Facebook and Instagram @TheMilitaryMuseumofNorthFlorida

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