Coastal Angler Magazine Fishing Update For October 2022

The Clay County Department of Tourism has partnered with Coastal Angler Magazine as they share monthly fishing updates for the waterways of Clay County. 

Here’s a look at October’s fishing report from Coastal Angler Magazine’s Danny Patrick! 

The shrimp are on the move, migrating out toward the ocean. They are passing through our area here in Clay County now. Doctors Inlet and Governor’s Creek are good places to cast your nets. You can expect them to be a very nice size, even large. When the shrimp are on the move out to the ocean, they get red legs. So, if you see their red legs, you know they will not stay around much longer. This year the St. Johns River shrimp run has been tremendous. One of the best shrimp runs in years. So, do not wait because they will be gone soon.

Mullet fishing was excellent in September, and I think it should be again, they will be moving towards the ocean too. We should have some roe mullet showing up throughout October. The east side of the Shands Bridge is a great place to try.

Striper fishing is good at night around the Shands Bridge. These line-sided babies could be caught on smallish shiners, live finger mullet or even a piece of shrimp floated under a bobber. So, after dark will be the best time to try your luck.

Largemouth Bass should be schooling this month. Shiners, crank baits on bars or lipless crank baits are great bait options to try when they start schooling. Look for them on the surface crashing shad and menhaden and even shrimp.

Croaker should be active and gaining in size. The bite will be on shrimp or you can use night crawlers to help avoid the stingrays. Be careful with those stingrays as they have a sharp spine on their tails that will stick you and be very painful because they have venom in that stinger.  

The weakfish will be active and great for bait, cut up or strip a small croaker. Weakfish love that kind of bait. The best place to catch them would be on the edge of the river channel drop off. 

Reds are all around biting baits, grazing on crabs and shrimp wherever possible. If you find the shell bars, you find the reds. You can use your regular bass lures to catch them.

Catfishing at night is really good. Use your baits of choice or night crawlers, cut bait, shrimp and prepared catfish bait. September dumped a lot of rain on the lower St. Johns River in Central Florida and the fresh water is moving our way. Catfish love that fresh water so I expect them to be on fire in October.

The weather this month is some of the best we have here in North Florida, with cool mornings and sunny warm days so get out and enjoy the outdoors.

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