Clay County’s Moon Tree – A Unique Piece of NASA History

Glimpse of the Moon Tree in Keystone Heights

Did you know that Clay County is home to a small piece of NASA history? One of the most unique items to call Clay County home is the Moon Tree located just outside the Keystone Heights Library.

Moon Tree Site Marker
Moon Tree Site Marker

This tree, an American Sycamore, was grown from a seed that traveled to the moon aboard the Apollo 14 mission on January 31, 1971. Astronaut and former U.S. Forest Service smokejumper, Stuart Roosa was aboard the Apollo 14 flight and packed hundreds of tree seeds into his personal kit with the idea of sharing the seeds after his return.

Local nursery owner Bob Burns acquired the seed/tree from the University of Florida and had it planted and dedicated in its current location in 1984. The Garden Club of the Lakes helps maintain the tree and hosted a rededication ceremony and placement of a new plaque in February 2015.

Where Is Clay County’s Moon Tree Located?

Clay County’s Moon Tree is located at 555 South Lawrence Boulevard in Keystone Heights, adjacent to the Keystone Heights Library.

How Can I Learn More About Moon Trees?

Visit this helpful NASA site to learn more about Clay County’s own Moon Tree, along with the locations of other moon trees found across the country.

Visit FirePower Coffee Roasters in Keystone Heights

While you are in the Keystone Heights area, stop by the local favorite FirePower Coffee Roasters and pick up a bag of their Moon Tree Blend coffee. Small-town life means everyone has a connection and that’s the case with FirePower Coffee and the Moon Tree!

FirePower Coffee

FirePower Coffee roaster and coffee technician, Kenny Booth’s uncle is Bob Burns, the man who acquired the seedling from the University of Florida. This coffee blend is a tribute to him and to the Moon Tree legacy itself.

In addition to visiting the coffee shop in Keystone Heights, you can also purchase the Moon Tree Blend online.

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