Interactive Tour: The Explore Clay History Passport

History Passport Interactive Tour Cover Photo
Screenshot of History Passport on the Explore Clay Mobile App

Download the Explore Clay App to experience Clay County history through the History Passport!

The Clay County Department of Tourism has partnered with the Clay County Archives and the Clay County School District to encourage visitors and local residents of all ages to explore Clay County and learn about the region’s history.

The Clay County History Passport Tour is an interactive tour allows users to discover the stories of 25 historic locations in Clay County, Florida. Located on the new Explore Clay mobile app, the History Passport is accessible via mobile devices.

Using the Explore Clay mobile app and history passport, users can discover stories of the Girl Scout Exhibit at Camp Chowenwaw, the history of St. Margaret’s Church in Hibernia, learn stories of the Middleburg Museum and more.

The passport is a virtual game and works based on geo-position/location. Once visitors arrive at the location, they can virtually check-in to the location once they are within an addresses’ set radius.

In addition to Clay County visitors, this activity is perfect for groups, seniors, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, homeschool adventures and summer fun too!

To learn more and get started on your own Clay County History Passport adventure, go to or download the Explore Clay app onto your mobile device. 

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