Coastal Angler Magazine Partnership With Clay County!

The Clay County Department of Tourism is excited to begin a new partnership with Coastal Angler Magazine as they share monthly fishing updates for the waterways of Clay County. 

Here’s a look at what’s biting this June in Clay County!

Coastal Angler Partnership Clay County

Bream is the focus fish for June. They will be hitting it hard under docks and on the edge of grass. Shellcrackers and Bluegill we be moving to spawn and make beds on the full moon in June. You can smell them when they spawn, they smell like watermelons to me. When you find the bedding area, fish on the bottom with a spilt shot to keep it on bottom. Worms are best for Shellcracker and crickets are best for the Bluegill. 

Now next up is Redfish. They’re all over with the “rat” red leading the pack. You’ll catch them in the grass in the low light and out in the deep, approximately six to ten feet during the bulk of the season. Bait choices are usually crabs, shrimp and shiners, but from all reports, frozen shrimp work well. So go after some of them. 

Coastal Angler Partnership Clay County

Largemouth bass are done spawning.  But some will be in the post spawn moving to wood. Look for them under docks and around blow downs. Grab some shiners or use plastics, like worms or swim baits and have fun.

Fish shallow early then move to deeper water as the day warms up. Croakers and yellowmouth should be near the mile markers like 18. Use shrimp or nightcrawlers and have an adventure. Mullet should be catchable. All you’ll need is a box or two of worms. So, chum (mash and whatever/oatmeal) mixed until it is changeable; so, chum the water, watch for movement, bring bait to movement, then set hook, and then repeat. After a while, you’ll get the hang of it and be filling the cooler in no time. Catfish with the warming water and weather will move to their deep water haunt up to ten feet and will have shallow activity in the darkness. So, plan accordingly. 

Coastal Angler Partnership Clay County

Well, that leaves stripers, and they should be around the Shands Bridge. Let some shiners swim with the tide toward the bridge and just past the pilings and hold on. The bite will be tremendous, so have a go. For more information on fishing in Clay County, be sure to check out the Northeast Florida edition of Coastal Angler Magazine at

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