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Clay County Activities for a Friends’ Getaway!

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Clay County, Florida is a pals paradise with opportunities to enjoy fishing, hiking, extreme sports, golf, and more. There is something around every corner for you and your friends to

Sunrises & Sunsets in Clay County

Sunset on the St. Johns River - Clay County, FL.

Whether you prefer early mornings or the end of the day, slow down and enjoy the beauty of the sun as it rises and sets in Clay County. As home

Field Trips in Clay

Back to school season brings back visions of field trips! Whether you are looking for weekend adventures or homeschooling activities, Clay County welcomes educators and learners of all ages to

Food & Fun in Clay County

Ready for a bit of entertainment along with dining during your time in Clay County? Whether its a family night out or a unique date night – get ready for

Lynyrd Skynyrd Itinerary 

The roots of Southern Rock music run deep in Clay County. From rock band Molly Hatchet to the storied history of the Van Zant family and the legendary band Lynyrd

The Kayak Fishing Craze in Clay County

Kayak fishing is the fastest growing sector of the fishing industry. Fishing kayaks are now used for recreational fishing, tournament fishing and camping/fishing trips. The popularity of the sport has