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Festivus 50 Miler Trail Run

We will be doing a beautiful 4.15 mile non-technical and flat-ish loop, so you will either run 12/9/6/3 or 2 loops filled with long leaf pines, palmettos and various wildlife (deer, birds, squirrels, NO BEARS) and 2 nice foot bridges as well. The 50 milers will run the first hour in darkness and will need a headlamp, all runners still on the course after 5pm will be required to have a headlamp if starting a new loop, we will make sure to have great course markings and it will be illuminated. Also, we will allow drop downs (example: if you are registered for the 50 miler and you think you might not reach the 13 hour cut off you can “drop down” to the 37.5 division and still get your medal for finishing and an official result) in each division on race day, however, you will not be eligible for an award in that division you drop down to.

CUT OFFS: 13 hrs for the 50 miler, 12 hrs for the 37.5 miler, 11 hrs for the 25 miler , and 6 hrs for the 12.5 miler, no cut off for the 14k

RD POLICY : We have a #wontgetlost policy that we take very seriously, because we feel as if you are family when you run one of our events and the RD Mike Martinez (Sober Sombrero Runner) if you somehow get lost so we INTENTIONALLY over mark the course because we care about your safety first and foremost!!

December 02, 2023

Middleburg, FL

2A Live Oak Ln, Middleburg, FL 32068