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July 24, 2023

The Kayak Fishing Craze in Clay County

Kayak fishing is the fastest growing sector of the fishing industry. Fishing kayaks are now used for recreational fishing, tournament fishing and camping/fishing trips. The popularity of the sport has increased with major fishing brands even becoming major sponsors of the sport. Kayak fishing is featured in national TV ads and automobile manufacturers are designing specialty models fitted to carry kayaks.  

Whether you are looking to enjoy a day of fishing and paddling, hoping to catch your dinner or sign up for a competitive tournament, there are a plenty of opportunities to go kayak fishing.  

There is no better place to kayak fish in Florida than Clay County. It has abundant waterways, outfitters and an accessible paddling infrastructure in the form of public ramps. Most of all, Clay County is home to some of the best freshwater fishing in all of Florida. 

Location, Location, Location 

Clay County has 39 square miles of waterways, great for fishing and kayak fishing. The eastern border of Clay County is the St. Johns River, a world-renowned fishery. With our creeks, lakes, river and spring, water is central to Clay County’s identity.  

Clay County waters are fertile, clean and loaded with big fish. In fact, Clay County has produced dozens of trophy Largemouth Bass for Florida’s “Trophy Catch” state program. Many of those bass weighed over 10 lbs., one even tipped the scales at more than 13 lbs.! 

Through its partnership with Kayak Bass Fishing and Chad Hoover, Clay County is promoting its waterways and telling the story of all the fishing opportunities. The aim is to provide anglers from Florida and all over the country the opportunity to experience trophy fisheries through the sport of kayak fishing. 

Early Morning Spot

Kayak Centered Businesses in Clay County 

Kayaks are built to specific uses, such as whitewater, fishing and recreational paddling. With a great variety of brands and designs, you can find a good fishing kayak for the use you have in mind.  

Interested in visiting a Clay County kayak outfitter? Stop by one of the two Hagan Coastal Outfitters locations in the Green Cove Springs and Orange Park neighborhoods.  

Tools of The Trade

What Does it Mean for Clay County? 

With many public boat ramps and kayak friendly access points, abundant waterways and world class fisheries, Clay County is set to become a prime destination for kayak paddlers, anglers and competitors. The county’s geographic location makes kayak fishing accessible from locations across the Southeast. Nearby Jacksonville International Airport offers a variety of flights for travelling paddlers and anglers who would rather fly into Northeast Florida and rent gear rather than drive with their own equipment. 

Ready to Start Kayak Fishing in Clay County?  

Get ready to join the KBF online community and gather your equipment to start kayak fishing in Clay County.  

For more information on upcoming events with KBF and to learn more about getting involved, go to Fishing Clay County. See you out on the waterways of Clay County! 

About the Author: Hank Veggian is an outdoors writer and professional kayak angler. He is director of communications for Kayak Bass Fishing and his articles have appeared in a range of national and regional publications. He represents the Jackson Kayak Fishing team in his Bite FD, from which he fishes across the country. 

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